How to create an easy flat lay for Instagram + Brands

Hi all and thank you so much for following along. I want to start off by saying I am no flat lay expert by any means but I do know a thing or two that I want to share with you today. Flat lays have become quite a popular thing on social media these days. Plus it adds a really nice twist to your feed. It shows items in a different out of the box kinda way.  Hey and flat lays just don’t ya e to be product it can be people too. Ok guys it also gives your followers a nice flow to look at for some inspiration. OK OK so let’s get to it you’re reading this because you want to know how to create a simple easy flat lay. 


  1. Apps– I like the app called vsco download it you will love it too. You can also use any other photography app you find like Facetune or Afterlight however, I really like how you can adjust the lighting in this app to create the perfect flat way remember writing is everything which brings me to my next step

2. Lighting– try to do flat lays on a day where there is a lot of sunshine coming through the window or you can even do it outside. If you want to shoot inside make sure you are getting light from the window but not in the direct light. Mess around until you find a good lighting area. 

3. Backdrop– There are plenty backdrops you can buy on amazon or even use a piece of fabric from Micheals or hobby lobby. Wood works well too! I personally like to use anything white that is fresh and clean. You can get funky with a backdrop that has stripes dots your choice. I like to usually stick to white and mix and match other things in the flat lay. 

4. Creativity- OK! Let’s face it companies do not want to see a package or box with their product in it. You need to get creative! I always love the challenge to be creative when doing a flat lay for a brand. Just think of how you can display the product in a pretty way. So lay the items down and try to make the product come alive. Be different and let your mind run wild. 

5. Photography- when creating the photo you want to shoot completely down on the items that you are photographing. Hence that’s why it’s called a flat lay. Shoot A couple of images and then choose your best one.

6. Editing- I think this is my favorite part I love the finished product. I like to edit all my photos using Adobe light room. If you have not already invested in this I suggest you do. However,  there are also other good editing apps that you can use right from your phone. Take your pic of what you like best

So there you have it creating a simple flat lay here are do’s and don’ts below 

  • Leave rough edges in the picture 
  • Over clutter your products 
  • Over edit 
  • Over sharpen looks too drawn
  • Photograph a dirty product 
  • Leave item in it packages unless requested by the brand 


  • Use natural light if possible 
  • Use candles, Foods, banners, flowers anything for that extra wow factor
  • Space items out nicely not over lapping unless it’s clearly seen in your photo 
  • Get inspired by others see what other ideas you can get from pintrest 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope I was able to inspire you to create a simple beautiful flat lay! 

Any questions I will love to hear from you drop me a comment below


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5 Tips to life long friendships

Today I dedicate this blog post to all of my friends! Without you guys I would not be the person I am! Thank you for all the continued support over the years through thick and thin you guys have always been there every step of the way! Boosting me up at my most darkest deepest times. Lifting me up even higher during my most happiest moments. We have laughed cried and drink a lot together. Together we can make great things happen. I am forever grateful for all of you new and old friends. Cheers to good friendships that last a lifetime. 

Good friendships are not always easy to find. You may have people come in and out of your life but it is the ones that truly last that are the most precious of all. In high school I had a group of girls that I always hung out with and still remain friends with them 18 years later. It is so bizarre that now we have children and our kids are friends. To me it is such a special gift that we all remain friends and are sharing and going through life together. We all have our different personalites but that’s what makes us work. So as I sat and reflected on photos in my albums. I started to think of what holds us together and how have we carried on these friendships for so long. So I decided to write about it! 

Ok so let’s get to my 5 tips to a healthy successful friendship!

  1. Listen Having a friend just hear you out at times is what we all need. Sometimes getting things off our chest and having a friend to listen is just what we need as human beings. Also at times I feel if you can relate to your friend then you can understand them better. So sometimes having things in common is great and can make you an even better listener

2. Be honest I cannot tell you how many times my girlfriends have asked me if I like something. Sometimes it may not be the best color or something that suits them so my group of girls we all just tell each other upfront. Honestly it works out great! Like thank you for saving me  before I wore that hideous orange red lipstick! What works for me may not work for my best friend if that makes sense. So we can’t always have everything the same. Also being honest sometimes may hurt but will all work out in the end. 

3. Don’t always expect the same with friendships there will be times that friends can be on different levels if you know what I mean. There will be times where you may be first to get married or have a baby and friends are not on the same time zone as you. Also they may have different financial situations and not able to get you the same or equivalent gift that you gave to them. I know this sounds petty but with lifelong friendships never ever expect the same back. I feel it is important to always be yourself and do the best you can do you don’t always have to expect the same in return. 

4. Make time this is a big one and very important because time is always so hard to find. Over the years you may have been friends in high school where you have a lot of time in the world and then transition into where your family is now exist. So making time can be hard to come by. I feel it is extremely healthy for friendships to always try to make time.  Plus what’s better than being around wonderful friendships that help boost you and your confidence. Even just to have a good conversation with a friend can impact your mood tremendously.

5. Give Space there will be times when and friendships can become overwhelming especially ones that last a lifetime. It’s always good to know when to give space. I’m sure you will know what will make your friends upset or what makes them spark so giving space can sometimes be very beneficial to a wonderful friendship 

So in a nutshell I’m no expert by any means but these are some tips I feel are all great tools towards a meaningful life long friends! 

What’s  your tip for being a good friend? 

Comment below 
Here’s to friends!!! 

Love, Candace 


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Perfect Dining Table

Hi all,

So we were looking for a dining table for a long time because previously we had a glass table which let me tell you it’s not good for kids it was a haven for fingerprints galore 24 seven. One of my best friends purchase this West Elm Emmerson Table  | Emmerson Bench  for her new home and my husband completely fell in love with it when we went over there for a party. The Emerson table literally can fit a lot of people or kids. Needless to say I wanted a different table from West Elm but when this went on sale my hubby convinced me to get this table. 

I am so happy with this purchase we had it now for maybe a year! I get so many compliments when people come over and it is extremely durable. Plus it has a very easy to clean! 

If you are in the market looking for a kitchen table that is kid friendly I am definitely suggesting this one! Happy shopping Emmerson Table | Emmerson Bench

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Shop the Post with Free People

HI All,

Shop the post below 🙂



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Jeans-click here 




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Need More Sleep? Sleep better with @Tomorrow

Hi Guys,

If you know me you know I cannot function to my best potential without some sleep. I finally after nine months got back into a routine where I am sleeping soundly. Oh course, that is due to my son finally breaking the habit of waking up in the night. Getting back to sleep after being woken up is the worst feeling ever. So I am feeling so refreshed and revived that I got some sleep back. 

 As a mom it is important that my kids are well rested as well as my husband and I. When it comes to sleep in my household it is of the highest importance to have a good quality mattresses and sheets blankets pillows etc. 

Last night I literally fell asleep and not just a normal sleep one of those deep deep sleeps where are you wake up feeling so rejuvenated. Thanks to my new matresss from Hybrid Mattress ! 

Choosing a mattress can be difficult depending on the type of feel that suits you and your body type. I personally have some back issues from doing cheer when I was younger. At times I can have small flareups so a firm mattress works best for me. 

I have totally fell in love with at Tomorrow Sleep System sleep matress. First off, why I love the Tomorrow Sleep System  is they deliver straight to your doorstep which is a total convenience factor for me. They are an online matress company which I find amazing because who has time to rent a truck and pick up a mattress from the store. Then when you open the box there is a cute card with a special cutter and instructions of how to open your mattress properly. The instructions were very simple into the point trust me I did it myself.  Here is my daughter looking at the booklet! 

The Hybrid Mattress  is without a doubt  really plush and soft when I laided it out. It was much thicker than I expected it to be! The thicker the better. The quality was a 10 on my scale. 

Some reasons why I’m in love with this mattress is….  It adjusts to your body temperature so you don’t overheat. There is nothing worse than waking up a sweaty mess! Remember your body temperature needs to drop about two degrees to enter a state of optimal sleep. So thank heavens for a matress that allows for breathable fabric. 

Hybrid Mattress is coiled with supportive and breathable foam which helps you stay cool! Amen to that! I’m all about staying cool. 

Like everything else…..with finding a great mattress also comes the fact that you may need sheets. I am always on the hunt for sheets that feel cool because “cool sheets” that is one of my husbands favorite things and it is so hard to find! We have been through tons and tons of sheets and they usually end up in the garbage before I hand them down to my younger brothers. 

Ok let me just tell you about sheets! Hybrid Mattress sheet set is amazing! I finally found that cooling fan is there kind of like when you move your leg in the night and you touch a cold spot on the sheet. Yes!  That is one of my favorite things or ever. I finally found sheets that are cooling and I want to scream it to the world. I recommend you try the sheet set linked here Hybrid Mattress ! Trust me I would not recommend anything that is not up to par in my book. These are extremely great quality. 
Here is my room with the new Hybrid Mattress  mattress! 

Some few tips I wanted to give you before I close is why sleep is so important! Always think about this when purchasing a mattress. These are from the national Sleep foundation. You can visit their site National Sleep Foundation for more information. 

  1. Sleep plays a major in your physical health
  2. On going sleep deficiencies are linked to risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, and stroke 
  3. Good deep sleep helps you live a more productive life.
  4. Sleep helps detox the brain 

Interesting fact : The average person spends at least 26yrs of sleeping throughout a lifetime. 

So sleep is extremely important. I guess that’s why we so tired. I know I  get burned out with two kiddos! A good pillow always hits the right spot. I also suggest changing your pillows every few years. Here is the link to Hybrid Mattress Pillows  . As seen below. 

So if you were having sleep trouble or using an old mattress you may want to think about getting a new and improved  one like we did. Honestly I think mattresses definitely get worn out after some years. Just think about it we probably sleep on them eight hours a day every day. The Hybrid Mattress matress and supima sheets have made such a difference in my sleep pattern. I fall sleep quicker deeper and longer! 

Thank you for reading along I hope I can inspire you to take your sleep seriously and get your rest in. You will thank me later! 

I’m happy to share a promotion code for all you followers! Use code Can1love100  for $100 off $500 or more. 

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you Tomorrow! Sweet Dreams…….

* this was a sponsored post by Tomorrow like always all my thoughts and opinions are my own* 



Aka @can1love 

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New parent survival must have DockATot

Hi guys, 
If you are expecting or know some one who is or your babe is having sleep issues I have the answer for you. I can’t begin to tell you how passionate I am about this product. I want to scream it to the world of mama’s.  It was a lifesaver for me having my second baby. I wish I got this with my first but you live and learn. The product I am talking about is the one and only DockATot! I’m excited to share this product with all my followers because after my son was born we used the DockATot religiously. 

When my son was born he was in the NICU for a week of course I was a wreck but he was OK in the end.  Just a little breaking trouble. Took him some time to get used to being outside of the womb. While in the NICU they had him bundled in these gel rolls that are similar to the DockATot.  So after bringing him home from the hospital the hubby and I would whine down to try to watch a movie and we would have him snuggled up in the DockATot  right next to us on the sofa. 

So I had him in the DockAtot all the time. 

Most of you know as a new mom babies have lots of sleeping issues this has helped calm him and feel secure. 

It helped me put a crying colicky baby right to sleep and he pretty much would go a nice four hour stretch. 

Here are some of the reasons why I love it! I literally want to scream to the rooftops how great it is. 

  • Gives baby support 
  • Makes them feel secure and snug
  • Can move around the house 
  • Easy to wash 
  • 100% cotton
  • Rest, cuddle, diaper change, tummy time
  • Comes in cute covers/patterns 
  • Can prevent flat head syndrome

So my baby now outgrew the DockAtot that was from 0-8 months of age. I went ahead and had to get the bigger one that is for 9-36 months because he loves the DockATot so much. I love that it is hypo allergenic made with 100% breathable cotton and perfect for travel!! We also take it to grandparents house when they watch him. One big hit this summer was we would take it to the pool and he could have his nap while we stayed and played in the sun all day!

The DockATot is very easy to wash. I just don’t suggest you put it in the dryer because it can shrink and be hard to put back together. The infant DockATot and the Grand DockATot we have are in the color prestine white. Of course, white is my favorite color and I like things to look clean and fresh but they have some adorable patterns you can choose from. 

If you are expecting or know someone who is as a mom I recommend this product as a must have. Especially to survive that first year of no sleep. Moms anything to make life easier her to save a little extra time for yourself trust me this is the item to buy. It is a little pricey but so is swing and any baby item. My hubby and I think it’s worth every penny! Trust me you will love it. If you have any questions about the DockATot please don’t hesitate to message me. I will answer as best as I can. Plus we literally have both sizes. The Grand DockATot even fits my 3 year old daughter in it so she chills out and watches TV. I have linked the product so you can shop via this blog post! 

Wishing all you mama’s some extra sleep at night and the DockATot  may do just that!

*this product was gifted to me for review like always all my opinions are my own and I truly love this product*

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Favorite Summer looks on Sale Now!


Hi Ladies,

I’m always about a good sale and here are my favorite summer looks which is in sale now. That’s when I stock up. I only buy stuff on sale fyi. I’m here to share the deals with you!

All you have to do is click the pick and it will take you to where to purchase. Plus all returns are free if sizing is not as you desire! Happy Shopping Treat yourself:)

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UPPAbaby Jake Double Stroller

 Hello Mama’s 

I am so glad you decided to read my review on UPPAbaby double stroller! As a millennial mom with two kids I am always searching for the latest and greatest and of course the convenience factor. If you are expecting or have kids close in age then this is the post for you! Also if you are a grandmom or caretaker read on ladies! Ok Let me start off by telling you it took me a long time to research which kind of double stroller I wanted.  I was looking for a double stroller when I was pregnant with my son. My daughter was only two at the time so I knew a double stroller would come in need. When I buy products for my children I want to let you know that safety is my first concern. So I go straight to the reviews and features of the product. When I was looking at a double stroller system I found in the features lots of them to be extremely heavy, extremely large (not to compact) and most importantly expensive some double stroller costed anywhere from $550-2000k. At the time, I did not have the money to purchase one so we went on with our lives and carried on with a single stroller when my son was born. I honestly can say this was the best thing I have ever done because that infant face is so short-lived. Basically, what I mean by the infant phase is when the child is in the car seat and you wanted to connect to the stroller. Trust me it is like the first 12 weeks or so that is the critical point. During that time we either had my older daughter walk or I put her in the bottom basket of our single stroller. At about four months I felt my son had more control and was able to sit in an umbrella stroller. 

That is honestly my favorite word -“Umbrella stroller” let me tell you why! 


First off I do not have an SUV so I really like to save space. The UPPAbaby umbrella stroller does just that it folds up and stands by itself making it easy to maneuver in and out of the car with two kids for any kind of shopping events or travel. 


Between having a diaper bag car seat and other heavy items I love how lightweight and easy to use this UPPAbaby stroller is. 


The reclining feature is honestly a lifesaver in itself! The reclining makes naptime is a success. If we are out and do not want to stop our day because of the children’s naps I just reclibe back the seat hand them pacifier and  blanket and off to sleep they go

Side by side

So some of you may not like that it’s side-by-side instead of front to back. I can only speak from experience however for my family The UPPAbaby stroller being side-by-side helps me because my older daughter can pop the pacifier back in my son’s mouth if it falls out. Win!! Also I find that they help entertain each other and comfort each other. Recently on our travels to the Dominican republic we were strolling through the airport and a woman stopped us to say how sweet it was that they were holding hands and my son was passed out asleep. So this feature may not work for all families but I wanted to point out the greatness it did for us. 

Sun shade SPF 50

As I stated earlier I am all about safety and protection. When walking outdoors the kids are exposed to the sun. I love having the overhead canopy shades that extend pretty far and cover most of their body so they are protected from the damaging rays of the sun. This was extremely important when traveling to the islands because the sun was extremely hot and we were closer to the equator. I did not want my kids skin getting burned. Also if we were in a restaurant or somewhere where the light was too bright and I wanted them to come down or nap I just pulled the overhead canopy over them to help block the light. The canopies also have a little clear window built in that you can pull back and see what the kids are doing while you are strolling them. 


Hello! Storage! is so greatly important to me when purchasing products. I honestly can never have enough storage as I seem to tell along anything and everything with me. My husband thinks I am extremely crazy for all the stuff I bring but honestly if there ever was some sort of devastation I may survive the week with the stuff I bring. This UPPAbaby stroller has two big bins on the bottom for storage. I sometimes put my diaper bag or extra stuff I may need underneath. Also any shopping bags I may actually while I’m at the stores. 

Cup holder 

I know this seems like a small feature but it is one of the best features to me. I always encourage my family to drink lots of water so we never leave the house without a water bottle. Oh and can I tell you sippy cups and baby bottles as well. So the cupholder attached to the stroller is absolutely amazing I use it all the time if it’s not holding a drink it’s holding my cell phone hahahaha!
There you have it some of the cool things I love about this UPPAbaby Jake double stroller. Now let’s talk about travel! 
*Getting a massage on vacation and everything I needed was right beside me


So we recently traveled to an all-inclusive vacation and the beautiful island of Dominican Republic. From start to finish our travel was made easy because of this stroller. Getting through the airport was a breeze because it was so lightweight and compact. 

Once we arrived at our resort we used our UPPAbaby double stroller 24/7. Walking around this huge resort can be tiresome and I honestly had to carry nothing in my hands because we place the kids in the stroller and any other items we need it we stored in the storage plus our cocktails fit right in the cupholder. Can I tell you we also brought the stroller onto the beach. Yes ,you read that right my husband carried it onto the beach because the kids wanted to sleep in the stroller rather than the cabana. I was perfectly fine with that since the canopy shade helped block the exposure from the sun. So literally my kids slept three hours each day on our vacation  in the stroller. YAY!!!!

From the time we woke up and went to the restaurants for breakfast lunch and dinner we had so many people and other families stop and ask us about our stroller. There were other families from around the world that were traveling with two kids as well however, they had to single double strollers with very little storage. My husband was so funny because he was talking with so many other dads about strollers so we made an inside joke that we were getting “old”hence  on vacation talking about strollers for millennial parenting convenience. 

OK moms my experience can help you as well! I am so obsessed  with this UPPAbaby umbrella double stroller. It honestly is my saving grace at the moment. I would not go to many stores all at once to run errands because of getting the kids in and out and traveling situations. Now however it is a breeze to go in and out of stores. Below I have attached some of the features which are very important to me when purchasing a product I love to look at the product details!  Any questions please comment below? You can shop the stroller via links!


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Here is my favorite summer glow bronzing self tanner. I am so upset us with the stuff! My summer sunglasses I have been wearing all summer 

All liked below!!

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