MJM_4640-EditMeet Terry aka Nana, Glam-mom

This amazing lady is the most strongest, courageous, selfless person. She is my true inspiration in life and I admire everything about her. She is what has made me the women and mother I ‘am today! I love you mom more than you will ever know.

My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer a few years ago. Yes, it was the day my world stopped. I know what some of you may be thinking she probably smoked. NO! mom never ever smoked in her life. After a few days of thinking I was in a dream. I finally came back to reality and knew I had to save my moms life. I stayed up night after night studying her disease. Mom has come a long way and I have learned so many things about the “C” word. It is here through my blog I can share with you what I have learned by being moms care giver.

My heart goes out to all struggling with disease.