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Bump Style Box-

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I wanted to write today to tell you about a fab company I found called “BumpStyle Box”.

OK l ’m excited to tell you what they do. Let me start off by saying that when being pregnant your body takes all kinds of shapes and forms. Yes you know it’s true! There can be areas that you don’t want to flaunt as much but hey it is what it is and you’re creating a beautiful little new life. So for me I hate my arms. I feel like when I pregnant my arms, face, legs just puff up. So I really need to focus on clothes that help slim down those areas. Another thing is this summer in “Hot Atlanta” is been one of the hottest summers ever no lie. So staying cool and relaxed is my moto. I have tried lots of maternity clothes at target and destination maternity but nothing really sparked my eye.

Now, I want to tell you about BumpStyle Box! It is an online boutique for maternity/nursing clothes and I mean the cutest items EVER. I love to shop online as I’m a busy full-time working mama with one on the way! On top of that you get a personal stylist who works with you very closely on items they think will twinset your taste. I have to admit I was a little skeptical about receiving my 1st box. When it came I was just “AMAZED” how awesome the clothes were that my personal stylist Hannah picked out. She made sure she picked items that really fit my Preggo- Style. Shipping was so fast and returns are extremely easy-peasy. This is by far a great idea and great company.

If you are pregnant or planning on some more babes you must try BumpStlye Box. It’s so worth it! I’m a huge fan! I want to thank my professional style team for helping me feel beautiful during pregnancy!

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