Baby Memiors In 123

Hi Mama’s,

Do you have a baby book that you did not complete or still struggling to even do one. I have found the perfect easy baby book to complete. It is real easy to fill in and it is a great memoir. The newborn phase just flies by so quickly and I really want to cherish these moments with my second baby. I have found a baby book Stickybellies its $29.99. The book is made with great quality so it will last forever. I started filling out my sections when I was pregnant and work on parts of it per day. Its best to start  on your baby book right away because all the memories are fresh in you head. When baby sleeps or if hubby gives you a break make it a priority to work on your book. You will thank yourself later when you go back and look at the memories. The sections are pretty short and you can fill in 5 min or less. I adore my book and wanted to share with all of you when I find a good product. Stickybellies are also home of the baby stickers as well a must have when having a baby to document milestones.  Above I have a picture below of my baby book. I adore the footprints page it may just be my favorite. Such precious time to remember and it goes by so fast I just cant take it.

mjm_0874  mjm_0874


So if you are needing to start on a baby book headover to @stickybellies. There items make perfect shower gifts as well.

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