Aluminum & Breast Cancer

Currently, breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women aged 35–54 years old (1).
American men have a 43% chance of developing cancer in their lifetime. For women, it’s a 37%
lifetime chance (2). So why is it important to detox your armpits? What is the link between
armpits and breast cancer?
There is a lot of work going into diagnosing and curing breast cancer. However, no one’s really
talking about what causes it.
Aluminum and Breast Cancer
Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It’s constantly absorbing nutrients from its surface.
Unfortunately, your skin is also soaking up cream, makeup and other beauty products.
This seems to be relatively harmless, until you find out what your everyday products are made
Here are just a few example of what lurks in store-bought deodorants and antiperspirants:
Aluminum – causes breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease
Propylene glycol – an antifreeze agent
Parabens – disrupt hormones
Formaldehyde – is well-known carcinogenic substance
Phthalates – yet another hormone disruptor
Antibacterial substances – negatively affects the immune system and endocrine system
Aluminum salts are a popular ingredient in drugstore deodorants and antiperspirants. Recent
studies have evaluated them as potentially carcinogenic. The Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry
confirms that malignant breast tissue contained high concentrations of aluminum. Alarmingly,
it’s also been found in human breast milk.
Aluminum is a strong neurotoxin. In the words of Dr. Chris Shaw, Neuroscientist and Professor
at the University of British Columbia, aluminum “causes all kinds of unusual biochemical
reactions in the body, including the brain.” (3). It’s also been linked to the onset Alzheimer’s
disease and autism.
If you are a long-time user of antiperspirant or deodorant, read below. Detoxifying your armpits
can be as easy as changing a few lifestyle habits.
How To Detox Your Armpits
1. Go To a Sauna
Sweat is your body’s way to get rid of toxins and cool down. Increasing the amount of time you
sweat in a day will help you body detox. This is also an easy way to boost your immune system.
2. Drink Mineral Water
Drinking water helps the body flush out toxins and stay hydrated.
It’s been proven that drinking high silica content mineral water helps remove aluminum via urine
(4). This is can be purchased online or at your local health food store.
3. Change Your Deodorant
Most deodorants and antiperspirants contain not only aluminum, but many other toxic chemicals.
Make sure to read the label on your personal care products to avoid these. Beware; even
“organic” or “natural” products can contain harmful components.
To be on the safe side, make your own by following with this DIY deodorant recipe.
You can also fight underarm odor thanks to these tips.
DIY Armpit Detox Recipe
To reverse the effects on long-term deodorant use, try this homemade armpit detox. It will also
help control the bacteria that causes body odor.
1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon of bentonite clay
3 drops of rosemary essential oil (optional)
5 drops of cilantro essential oil (optional)
1. Mix apple cider vinegar and clay in a large bowl.
2. Add essential oils and mix until smooth. (you can skip this step if you don’t have any
essential oils on hand)