Yummy Tasty Summer Spirits! Made w/ @sugarlandsshine

Yummy Tasty Summer Spirits! Made w/ @sugarlandsshine
Yummy Tasty Summer Spirits! Made w/ @sugarlandsshine
Yummy Tasty Summer Spirits! Made w/ @sugarlandsshine
Yummy Tasty Summer Spirits! Made w/ @sugarlandsshine
Yummy Tasty Summer Spirits! Made w/ @sugarlandsshine
Yummy Tasty Summer Spirits! Made w/ @sugarlandsshine

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Hi Guys,

Happy Summer! Let me tell you how much I love summer. It means pool, drinks, more drinks and more drinks. Ha! I know I’m such a nerd. Summer is always so busy for us each year. We have my hubbies birthday, my birthday, my dad, mother-in-law, brother and so on. Not to mention July is my Anniversary month. Coming up on year number seven. So we have so many things to celebrate. Also, like with any celebration we love to have spirits. So I like to call my self “The Mixologist”. I do a lot of entertaining all year round.

Today Im so excited to introduce you to Sugarlands Distilling Co  located in downtown Gatlinburg, Tenn known for their award winning spirits its a place the locals favor. They have tate testings and behind the scene tours so it perfect for travlers as well. I particulary fell in love with Sugarlands Distilling Co  

If you look through their recipes you will want to make all of them. Here is the link for quick Sugarlands Drink Recipes

Ok so let me tell you guys what I created this past Saturday in celebration of Father’s Day Brunch and a little alone time for my hubby and I.  For my main beverage I do not like my drinks to sweet me and sweet do not get along. That is why I absolutely love PINA COLADA MOONSHINE.  Its not very sweet but makes you feel like you are on an island catching some rays. Here is the recipe I put together for a cocktail. I like to call this one a watermelon moonshine. You can call it whatever depending on which fruit use to infuse into your beverage.

Moonshine Infusers

  • Sugarlands Distilling Co Pina Colada Moonshine 70 proof -yeah buddy
  •  3-4 oz Club Soda
  • cut in small peices – Any type of fruit to infuse into the spirit watermelon, rassberies, peaches
  • Just mix all together and serve cold
  • Sip away

I love this drink because its a very light but refreshing beverage. Most important its fast and easy wheb having guest.  Its even good for a morning brunch drink. Enjoy!

Next up! Is one of my favorite drinks of all time. This beverage is the perfect combination of rum and fresh fruit that will knock you socks off

Get ready for this recipe and take a screen shot or save it because you will love it!

I want to call it my no name drink because maybe you can help me name it. When i get your help I will up date it on this post.


Sugarlands Hazelnut Rum 3oz

3 oz Organic Orange juice

3 oz Organic Pineapple juice

teaspoon nutmeg honey

4-6 whole cloves

Recipe: Take cloves let sit in mixture of half orange juice half pineapple juice and warm over stove. Remoce cloves and chill in fridge for 2 hours . Add rum to your liking, add pineapple, orange and clove mixture, Serve withe fresh pineapple and swirl nutmeg honey over the pineapple. Eat and drink all at the same time. Its out of this world.

So thats all I have for today. For more recipes please visit Sugarland Distilling Co

Ok so I want to hear from you like always. Name my drink! Help a sister out.

You tell me what you like in the comments

Pineapple Rum Madness♥

Smell the Clove♥

 I love Pineapples♥

Whats your fave name?  Comment below ⇓