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  • This post is sponsored on behalf of Identron like always all thoughts are of my own opinion.

Hi All,

Today I will be talking about a very serious matter. To be quite honest it scares me to think about it. Yes! I’m talking about Child Identify theft. When I was a kid 33 years ago this was never really talked about. It really did not exist. My husband and I have late night talks all the time about what kind of world our kids have to grow up in. I fear for my children as they are innocent souls just thriving in life. My job as their parent is to keep them safe with every fiber of my being.

Let first talk a little about “What is identity theft’?

Identify Theft: the fraudulent acquisition and use of a person’s private identifying information, usually for financial gain.

My husband was a victim of adult identity theft not once but twice. After being through a horrible battle and at such a loss of our financial means we are determined to keep the kids safe.

We have done tons of research to help us choose what is the best protection plan for our children. In doing research we learned so much here are some facts that really opened my eyes to child identity theft.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 10 kids are targeted for identity theft
  • 25% of children will be victim before they are 18
  • Children’s identity can be stolen before they even have any credit
  • According to a study, roughly 500,000 children have fallen for identity fraud.
  • More than 55% of the child identity theft cases reported that the identity theft involved the misuse of the child’s Social Security Number (SSN).
  • If you attempt to open a savings account in the name of your kid and you discover that an account is already existing, then it is a sign that your child’s identity has been stolen.

These fact completely baffled my husband and I. We were surprised to see how child identify theft is on the rise in our country.

We have found a solution with Identron

Identron monitors your personal information. They ensure non of your personal information is being sold on the web. They have comprehensive family coverage. It is risk-free and you can cancel any time. There are US identity recovery experts available and they continually monitor for any suspicious activity.

We have read all the testimonials on their site before making or decision. Also my brother and his wife were already using Identrons child identity theft plan and really like it. You guys Identron has a really cute mascot to help spread the word. Meet Dennie! Kids love him we tell them he helps prevent hackers from the internet and keep them safe.

identron Dennie.PNG


Here is a list of the plans available. We found them to be very affordable from $9.95 -$24.95 per month.  You can select which option is best for your needs.

I do not know about you but thoughts have run in my head what if the nurse at the hospital stole my sons identity or sold it out on the streets. I know I think extreme but the realty is these things happen everyday. It makes me feel more at east to know I have a plan in place.

After going through identity theft twice. I would never want my kids to have to ever encounter any identify theft challenges. The world can be such a cruel place. I’m more than ever determined to always keep my kids safe. Thanks to Identron I can sleep a little easier at night knowing they are securely monitoring for any theft.

For more information please visit the site and get your kids protected! Identron

Thank you for reading.