Poolside with #Mocktails The perfect Mom Drink!

Hi All,

Well my friends I have found the perfect solution to a good time where everyone can enjoy a cocktail or should I say Ocean Ocean Spray® Mocktails 

Yay! Let me tell you a little about this amazing drink then some fabulous Mocktail receipes! 

My beverage of choice before babies  was Cranberry Vodka but I just would not drink any Cranberry juice it had to be Ocean Spray honestly my favorite juice ever! I always loved the brand. So now they make an Alcohol-free drink called Ocean Spray® Mocktails  (love the name!) which taste like a real alcoholic beverage and just 90 calories per 8oz serving! For us moms who are trying to get that baby weight off this is the drink to drink -HEY!! 

My current situation in my home is my 7 month old Maksym wants to breast feed on demand and I’m perfectly fine with that. So if I have a stiff beverage is not ok at times if you can relate. I hate having to pump and dump so annoying. So I have been making some Ocean Spray® Mocktails and I’m in love. I have tried all three flavors they offer. My absolute favorite is the Sangria. 
(Pictured below in my hand )

Being a mom can get stressfull at times as you all may know. By the end of my work week I’m shot out!  I work full-time and take up blogging part-time I’m beat to the meat. I absolutely enjoy a nice beverage on my patio with the kids. I find mocktails to be so relaxing and refreshing and if my little man is hungry no need to pump and dump. Big win for my lifestyle. Plus I can add a little alcohol anytime. Here are pics of the kids and I enjoying a tasty Ocean Spray® Mocktails
I have found Ocean Spray® Mocktails to be a big hit for the perfect girls day! Recently we had some friends over and I made my girls  some Mocktails!  They loved them and wanted to know the receipes for future parties. 

Ok so let’s talk receipes! Honestly, I made it easy because mom life can’t et the best of you. I just added fresh fruit because I always have a lemon or lime in my drink whether it be Tea or Artisan water. Sangria always calls for fresh oranges and cherries so delish! 

I made a few different receipes. See below 

Cranberry Peach Bellini– 

  • Taste of crisp cranberry and sweet peach to create a sophisticated Balenie blend that’s perfect to enjoy straight from the bottle or mixed with sparkling water wine or liquor

*Serve over ice and add fresh peaches or a lime. 

[photo credit] middle: @amandalkeagle right @kristy_daube

Cranberry Sangria– My absolute favorite Mocktail 

  • Paired with Crisp cranberry, pineapple, citrus an apple to create a sophisticated sangria blend

* serve over ice and add some fresh fruit 

Tropical Citrus Paradise

  • Paired with the taste of citrus coconut and pineapple for the perfect tropical blend

*serve over ice and can add sparkling water wine or liquor

[photo credit] middle: @amandalkeagle right @kristy_daube

I would definitely recommend using Ocean Spray’s Mocktails for any future gatherings.   It is perfect for any occasion. This summer I  have had my parents over a lot my in-laws drink alcohol but my mom has some health issues and is not able to drink. I will be making her the perfect Mocktail

Please share your favorite drinks below you may be able to incorporate mocktails into your new fave! 

*Ocean Spray® MocktailsMocktails were gifted to me to review like always this post is my own thoughts in opinion and I really enjoyed trying mocktails. 

Thanks for reading