Day @ The Zoo

Day @ The Zoo
Day @ The Zoo
Day @ The Zoo

So a few weekends ago the weather in Atlanta was absolutely gorgeous. We decided to take little miss to the zoo. She has been asking for days to go see the animals. The trip was kinda last minute. I had to get lots of my mom chores done before going. So we did not leave until 3pm by the time we got there they told us the animals will get taken of the exhibit in 33 mins. I was so upset that we only had 33min to tour the whole area.

We entered the park and Milanca love it. I was so impressed how she knew all the animals names I mean she sees them in books all the time. This was real life and she named almost all of them. Her favorite part was seeing the elephants and the owl. While there the gorillas got in a major fight it was pretty scary my hubby said see that fight was worth the entrance fee lol.

Later, we ended our day by trying a local favorite Persian restaurant called Rumi’s Kitchen here in Atlanta. So just wanted to stop in and had to document out 1st zoo visit. There will be more to come!

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