Confessing My Parenting Failure

Hi Mama’s ,

It took me a while to write this post but I’m ready now. It all started two in a half years ago when my daughter was born. I had it in my mind that we would not give her a pacifier. When she was born by daughter Mila was taken to a step down NICU area to help her get more oxygen in her lungs I was not there of course. I was getting stitched from the delivery. When I came back to the room she had a pacifier in her mouth. I yelled to my hubby “Why does she have that!” He replied the nurse asked if it was ok I said yes! That was the beginning of the pacifier.

I have to say this pacifier addiction has really helped make parenting easy for us. If she was teething, tired or just needing comfort that “Paci” as we call always did the trick. Oh did I mention long care rides. The minute she got irritable the paci always did the trick. Also, when I stopped breastfeeding the paci really helped as her comfort as well. For me this helped me not feel so bad taking the breast away from her.

So here we are at the age of two almost 3 using a pacifier only at night or in the car. I have taken it away from here several times but she insist she will use her thumb as her new paci. I know what a smart little cookie. At this point I know its time to let go of it but its so hard on my hubby and I. This is a parenting weakness I face and it truly makes me feel like I failed her. On the other hand she is a healthy, thriving beautiful little girl.

Now we are onto baby number two and trying to decide about the PACI again lol! Right now, I feel I’m giving in again and will use it.

Is there anyone else out there who feels like you failed with Pacifier usage? Please share your thoughts, ideas or even some support!