Bring on the bubbly this season!

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Hello to all my champagne lovers! For Those of you who know me know I like to start the day with a smile and finish it with Gloria Ferrer champagne. There is nothing a little champagne can’t fix on my book. So today I’m featuring my favorite champagne on this post and let you know how I incorporate it into my every day life style.
I’m the kind of person that looks for the ratings. I literary will not purchase champagne without looking at the ratings. When I find a champagne I love To learn a little bit more about the product. Don’t ask me why it’s just one of my weird little ways. I guess I just like to know more about vineyards. So let me tell you what I find really cool about Gloria Ferrer . First off I absolutely love the name it sounds famous and classy. Their wines have over 400 gold medals and 50 90+ ratings over the past 5 years. Gloria Ferrer is California’s most awarded sparkling wine house.
The Gloria Ferrer family story dates back more than 600 years ago in Spain. Years later one of the families grandson’s bought 250 acres in the beautiful Caneros, California where the beautiful estate and vine yards are today. I find this extremely romantic as the grandson that started the vine yards in California named the company after his gorgeous wife. I would absolutely love to have a wine named after me.
My husband and I have been together 15+ years married for 6 years. Yes! we like to drink Gloria Ferrer to celebrate special our moments! This past weekend my husband got a special award at work so I put together this wonder breakfast and topped off the morning with a glass of Gloria Ferrer   Sonoma Brut. Its vibrant and smooth perfect with my husbands favorite poached eggs and homemade croissants. Hey a wife needs to know secret little ways to their hubbies heart right?
  • Some days if we are just hanging out my husband will make a charcuterie board for us to enjoy over a long conversation. Let’s just be real our lives are sometimes so busy and hectic and in marriages you need some time to catch up. I like to call that my marriage rule 101. “Always Communicate!” Gloria Ferrer Blanc de noirs is the perfect beverage to have a soft conversation with your mate. We love to pair it with dried salami and imported Gouda cheese. Sometimes fresh berries. The notes in this wine have a touch of floral and vanilla silkiness. I’m obsessed with strawberry and vanilla aroma it gives off. It’s extremely smoothe with creamy bubbly finish. I always take this with me to holiday parties and outings. Trust me my friends and family rave about it.
Ok if you are reading and you are a mom. I know you are right here with me. Mom-Life can be overwhelming but the most rewarding gift ever. When I get with my girlfriends we usually are in yoga pants hats and comfy gear. We love to pop open some Gloria Ferrer during play dates. Hahaha! I know sometimes I like to go back to my youth for an hour two.
Ok let’s get back to reality here! I think my most favorite time to drink Gloria Ferrer is for romantic purposes. I love to relax with the hubby over a nice bath with candles going, bubbles yeah yeah you get the picture. I’m just being real we all need time for rest and relaxation. I have to be honest I may only do this 2-3 times a year but trust me I’m going to incorporate this into my New Year’s resolution to definitely make more me time. My youngest just turned one so he is a little bit more independent. So hopefully this year I can have more alone time if you know what I mean.
Well I need to get back to doing some mom things. Thank you all so much for reading how I incorporate Gloria Ferrer the best bubbly ever into my everyday happenings over here. If you have never tried it I suggest you do! Trust me it’s amazing.
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Cheers to a happy healthy life! Tell me how you like to wine down in the comments!

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