Boppy Company

Today I’m sharing this new Boppy cover I have been using for my daughter and soon to be son on the way. I have come to love the Boppy company they are amazing and really find ways to make a busy moms life easier. I have used lot of other products from them and have to say I loved each and every one. Recently, my 2 yr. old does not want to use the shopping cart but walk around the stores. This makes me so worried about getting lost or getting hurt. Well, with the new addition of our Boppy shopping cart cover, she wanted to stay in the cart. I was just so happy and ecstatic about this as it made my shopping trip easy as pie. The cover comes with a little baby book attached and she love playing with it.  They also have different colors. Its comes with a secure strap for safety and can be used in restaurants too. Plus it machine washable

You can see al their products here  Boppy Company

I always like to research companies before using their products.

Hope you find this info handy 🙂