5 Tips to life long friendships

Today I dedicate this blog post to all of my friends! Without you guys I would not be the person I am! Thank you for all the continued support over the years through thick and thin you guys have always been there every step of the way! Boosting me up at my most darkest deepest times. Lifting me up even higher during my most happiest moments. We have laughed cried and drink a lot together. Together we can make great things happen. I am forever grateful for all of you new and old friends. Cheers to good friendships that last a lifetime. 

Good friendships are not always easy to find. You may have people come in and out of your life but it is the ones that truly last that are the most precious of all. In high school I had a group of girls that I always hung out with and still remain friends with them 18 years later. It is so bizarre that now we have children and our kids are friends. To me it is such a special gift that we all remain friends and are sharing and going through life together. We all have our different personalites but that’s what makes us work. So as I sat and reflected on photos in my albums. I started to think of what holds us together and how have we carried on these friendships for so long. So I decided to write about it! 

Ok so let’s get to my 5 tips to a healthy successful friendship!

  1. Listen Having a friend just hear you out at times is what we all need. Sometimes getting things off our chest and having a friend to listen is just what we need as human beings. Also at times I feel if you can relate to your friend then you can understand them better. So sometimes having things in common is great and can make you an even better listener

2. Be honest I cannot tell you how many times my girlfriends have asked me if I like something. Sometimes it may not be the best color or something that suits them so my group of girls we all just tell each other upfront. Honestly it works out great! Like thank you for saving me  before I wore that hideous orange red lipstick! What works for me may not work for my best friend if that makes sense. So we can’t always have everything the same. Also being honest sometimes may hurt but will all work out in the end. 

3. Don’t always expect the same with friendships there will be times that friends can be on different levels if you know what I mean. There will be times where you may be first to get married or have a baby and friends are not on the same time zone as you. Also they may have different financial situations and not able to get you the same or equivalent gift that you gave to them. I know this sounds petty but with lifelong friendships never ever expect the same back. I feel it is important to always be yourself and do the best you can do you don’t always have to expect the same in return. 

4. Make time this is a big one and very important because time is always so hard to find. Over the years you may have been friends in high school where you have a lot of time in the world and then transition into where your family is now exist. So making time can be hard to come by. I feel it is extremely healthy for friendships to always try to make time.  Plus what’s better than being around wonderful friendships that help boost you and your confidence. Even just to have a good conversation with a friend can impact your mood tremendously.

5. Give Space there will be times when and friendships can become overwhelming especially ones that last a lifetime. It’s always good to know when to give space. I’m sure you will know what will make your friends upset or what makes them spark so giving space can sometimes be very beneficial to a wonderful friendship 

So in a nutshell I’m no expert by any means but these are some tips I feel are all great tools towards a meaningful life long friends! 

What’s  your tip for being a good friend? 

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Here’s to friends!!! 

Love, Candace